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You Can't Find Us Here!
Darwin Soup is brought to you by We Are LABRAT underground science collective. In theory you might be able to locate us. In practice we're hard to track down, and besides we're all usually busy with other stuff. We wouldn't bother. Look, here's a Google Map. This week it shows the Tunguska State Nature Reserve in Siberia.

Earth. If you're mailing something just try We Are LABRAT, Earth. Earth isn't very big. It will probably get to us, or if not it will have an interesting journey.
You have got to be kidding.
See above
NFTs? Forget it.

Darwin Soup operates a No Non Fungible Tokens policy. NFTs have not been minted for any image or album. If you do come across an NFT offer for any image or album, it isn't legit. If you've been buying NFTs, rest assured they'll be as worthless as bitcoin once the power grids fail and the global internet collapses.
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